Hi, did you know that writing and sharing your ideas can help a lot of people out there? By writing and sharing your ideas it can reach to people and make it as an inspiration, not just that it can also raise funds to help the poor. We are inviting you to join our group, there is no fees or others all you need to do is right for free willingly for the sake of others. There are no quotas you can write whenever you want, our group is for charity sake so we are not forcing you to write anytime we want. This will not only benefit us or the people that will read it but it can benefit you also. There is a chance that your writings reach top publishing companies and that will be a good break for you if the company decides to buy your writings or even hire you in their companies. It is also a good opportunity to practice your skills in writing without the worries of your boss not liking it. It will also be a good opportunity for your ideas to be heard by others and we might not know someone will come to you and help you with what you want to happen. By joining our organization you can also meet a lot of great people which can help you anytime in the future we also will have recreational activities and team building to make our members know each other and build a wonderful community for writers which can help all of us improve in the future. So what are you waiting for all you need to bring is you and you alone, there are no requirements to join all you need is you have to know how to read and write.