Building improvement decisions are not easy. They involve a lot of money and thinking in order to make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job. Otherwise, your requests might not be fulfilled and you will have to pay more money to fix the damage.

A new roof to a property owner is not just something that can add an aesthetic value. Of course, your roof gets along with the rest of your property’s design giving it value and character. Moreover, it has a great impact on the resale value and price of your home or commercial building in the market.

Replacing your roof is an investment since it will have a lot of benefits in the short and long run. This is why you need to take the time to do the proper research. You need to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job and that you are using the right materials that will last for long.

What are the Benefits of Replacing your Roof?

A lot of people don’t understand the real benefits of installing new roofing. This is why they might postpone taking this necessary decision until the old roof causes irreparable damage.

Here are some benefits of replacing your roof:

Increases your Property’s Value:

Replacing your roof is going to increase the market value of your home or commercial building. The increase is usually higher than the amount of money you actually paid to replace your roofing. When people are shopping for a new property, they prefer one that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance that would necessarily cost a large sum of money.

Energy Efficiency:

Replacing your roof means that you can actually save on your energy bills. Your old leaky roof will allow for the cool air or warmth to leak. This means that your cooling and heating systems will have to work harder and use more energy in order to maintain the temperature. When you install a new roof, it will help you achieve the desired indoor temperature without wasting unnecessary energy or money.

You can also make use of new technologies that will allow you to be more energy-efficient. These will include reflective materials that will keep your roof cool, installing solar cells and insulation. Your choice depends on the weather, your preferences and the recommendations of the professional roofer who is going to install the new roof.

Keeps Everyone Healthy:

Leaks in the roof that let the moisture in represent a good environment for the growth of mold, mildew and different harmful organisms. Installing a new roof will prevent these health hazards and will keep everyone healthy.

Keeps your Property Safe:

An old roof is unstable. It might not be able to protect your property properly in case of extreme weather and this means that parts of the roof might collapse. Moreover, it can make different parts of the building unstable.

Repairing the damage caused by a broken or unstable roof is actually more expensive than installing a new one when the time is right. This is why you need to keep an eye on your roof for the warning signs.

Different Types of Roofs:

There are a lot of options available to property owners when it comes to installing a new roof. Your choice as a property owner depends on a number of factors including your budget, the nature of the building and the weather condition.

Commercial building owners have different options when it comes to installing new roofing. They can typically afford to hire more professional workmen to have the job done fast and can choose several options that might not be accessible to regular homeowners. You need to consult a commercial roof replacement in Cincinnati to make sure that you are taking the right decision.

When Do I Need to Have My Roof Replaced?

If you are spotting a leak or actually seeing that some of your roof shingles are missing then chances are that you should have replaced your roof a long time ago. Here are some early warning signs that will help you determine if you need to think about replacing your roof.


You probably know when your building was built and when it was last renovated. Most roofs will last any time between 20 to 25 years, depending on regular maintenance and weather conditions. If the last roof wasn’t properly installed or has been added on top of an old existing layer, then your roof might last for less than 20 years. Some materials can last up to 50 years but these are usually more expensive.

Shingles Curling or Missing:

If you see that your roof shingles are curling, then it time to contact a reliable roofer. This is a clear sign that you need to have your roof replaced. Otherwise, it might collapse or cause unnecessary damage.

If you see that your shingles are missing especially in roof valleys then it is time to think about replacing your old roof. Missing shingles can jeopardize the function of roof valleys that protect your building from snow and rain. Rain and snow flow through these valleys and into the gutters to keep your building safe. Ignoring this problem can cause leaks which damage the foundations.

Check the Attic:

You need to check your attic regularly to see if there are any problems with your roof. If you have a commercial building, take the time to inspect the top floor. If you can find signs of moisture or can see the daylight through the roof boards, then you need to have your roof replaced as soon as possible.

You will have to do some research in order to find the right person who can replace your roof. Pay attention to online reviews and ask your neighbors, family, and friends for recommendations. A reliable roofer will tell you about the best options depending on your building’s situation, your budget and the weather conditions in your area. A good roof has a high return on investment and will help you enjoy your building for decades to come.