In this busy and ever-changing world, all companies need a wiring and wiring system underground to simplify cable maintenance and reduce downtime. The access floor is a practical solution for the new office, which allows companies to manage the cables in an organized manner. The raised floor also took on the space challenge, making the office and data center roomy in the existing design.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Raised Access Floor

The modern floor option is ideal for offices with an extensive network of food services, data and telecommunications centers, as well as small home offices. It is the safest and most convenient way to manage the cables and cabling of your network. That is one of the most economical and flexible cable distribution methods in the entire building. The cable management system does not damage the existing network system and achieves the dream of perfect and convenient office space.

Advantages of Raised Access Flooring

Unlike traditional floors, raised floors to help maintain optimal office efficiency and build an appropriate, flexible and economic architectural structure. Cable trays under the floor handle a lot of cables and provide adequate ventilation blockage in the air flow.


It is essential to maintain a much-optimized temperature, and the raised floors offer unique cooling characteristics. They can be used as a base for fresh air and conditioned to spread evenly under the center of the equipment. They reduce the contact between the concrete foundations and the floor, which allows the air conditioning to be dispersed upwards with greater efficiency thanks to the carefully spaced tiles and diffusion ducts.

Suppression of fire

The content of your data center is essential and, sometimes, even critical. You cannot rely solely on sprinklers, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to protect it. However, since the home office or electrical room need electricity to operate continuously and maintain a large number of circuits and cables, there will almost always be a risk of fire. Elevated floors help eliminate this risk by providing excellent copper grounding capacity and electrical continuity.


The cable management system offers the most flexibility necessary to transform your office space and minimize expenses. The electrical rooms below the floor allow you to reconfigure the cable design in a minimum of downtime. With public services below the level, the cost of electrical installation and the cost of labor are reduced by 30% to 40%, which facilitates configuration and flexibility.

Freedom of conception

The underfloor design of the access floors creates an open space without the need for utility poles. Most companies use this alternative to provide services such as wiring, wiring, and HVAC and air distribution by underfloor heating. The updated design and configuration improve the aesthetics of the office and give the maximum return on investment.

Healthy Environments

Unlike cramped desks, raised access floors to configure computer and telecommunications cables, which makes the workplace spacious, clean and air-conditioned for a healthy environment. Large and complex server arrays install cables to eliminate the risk of unexpected obstructions. Cable trays improve the administration and operation of the data center while minimizing any damage.

Energy saving

The cable management system helps reduce energy costs and keeps cables organized, avoiding any danger. The operating energy used by fans, computers and other electrical equipment is diminished because the ducts lead to a lower static pressure that saves a lot of energy.


Raised Access Floor is suitable for all buildings and the cables, such as data cables and electrical, can be placed inside the floor so that loose wires do not spill onto the floor. If you are planning to have a home improvement project of installing a raised access floor, then look for the best expert.