Mayors of The City of Baguio

American Mayors of Baguio City

During the early days when the Philippines was still a territory of the United States of America, the mayors of Baguio were American citizens who were appointed by the Governor- General. Before the first Filipino took over as mayor, there were 5 American mayors who served for a total of almost 28 years, starting from September, 1909 up to May, 1937. These Americans were tasked to establish the city government and infrastructure. They were the early pioneers who were instrumental in creating the initial plans for the development of Baguio as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines." It was because of their vision and dedication that Baguio is what it is today. The following were the American mayors of Baguio and the corresponding periods they served as city executives:

Filipino Mayors of Baguio City

It was only in the middle part of 1937 when Sergio Bayan was appointed as the first Filipino mayor of Baguio. This coincided with the early beginnings of the establishment of the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines with Manuel L. Quezon as the elected president of the country. Todate, a total of 21 Filipinos have since served as the city's chief executive. The first 14 mayors were all appointed to their positions by the Philippine president.

It was Luis L. Lardizabal who became the first duly elected mayor of Baguio City. He served in three different periods (March 1, 1960 to December 31, 1963; January 1, 1968 to December 31, 1971; and January 1, 1972 to December 27, 1979). After Lardizabal's first term in office, Norberto De Guzman was elected mayor of Baguio and served from January 1, 1964 up to December 31, 1967. In December 27, 1979, Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos appointed Ernesto H. Bueno, a retired Philippine Air Force general as mayor of Baguio. In the election that followed, Bueno became a candidate for mayor and won the election. He served from January 30, 1980 until his death in a vehicular accident in March, 1986. Bueno was succeeded by his vice mayor Francisco A. Paraan who served as mayor until January 31, 1988. Mauricio G. Domogan, the current mayor of Baguio, initially served as vice mayor of Baguio in May 11, 1992. He became the acting mayor on July 1, 1992. Domogan won in the last 2 mayoral elections of Baguio and have been quite popular with the local residents. The following Filipinos served as mayor of Baguio City:

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