Exterior wall painting is an essential part of home decoration. Just like the steps taken prior and post interior home painting, there are certain steps that exteriors too require. Below is a handy guide for exterior home painting:

1. Understand the surface

Home exteriors vary by region and the type of homes too. You may have a plain concrete surface, bricks or a rough and tough one. The pre and post painting treatment for every type of wall is different. You will have to find out what material is your exterior walls and this would help you in taking things further.

2. Preparing the walls for painting

Before the wall painting process commences the earlier old paint needs to be removed completely. After this is done the wall becomes even, and any sort of cracks or damp patches can be fixed up. Then the cleaning of entire wall exteriors will begin, this can be done using dry or water-cleaning methods. If you are in a hurry to get the wall painting project done then avoid using water cleaning as the walls would take time to dry up and only then application of paint would be possible.

3. Colour scheme

While the cleaning process is on you can decide on the color of your exterior wall paint. You can make use a single color or add in two or three different hues. Keep the interior and exterior wall colors in sync with each other. A home is first judged by its exteriors so be sure you create the right impression. The colors can be chosen keeping in mind the climatic conditions of the area you reside in. Using cool color combinations is ideal for hot and humid regions and darker colors for chilly regions. You can even incorporate designs and textures in exterior wall painting just as you do with your interior walls.

4. Deciding the type of paint

After zeroing on the color combination, you can decide the type of paint. Most of the time people choose oil-based paints for exteriors as these offer high degree protection against harsh weather conditions and do not peel off easily. When you go to purchase exterior paints at the beginning all will look the same, do not confuse yourself and choose the wrong product. First look at the features and the formulations used in each of them online research will make this simpler and less time-consuming for you. Make sure you pick the paint that is environment friendly by opting for lead-free paints.

After considering all the above-mentioned steps, the paint application process can commence. By following both pre and post-painting care and smart choice of painting products you will be able to have newly looking exterior walls for years to come. Exterior wall painting is not an easy job, but with some research and expert help, it will become an enjoyable one for you. Giving exterior walls a makeover can be great fun when you are open to experimentation. So get involved in the activity and astonish the world with your ideas. From vivid color combinations to customized wall painting and choosing the apt exterior paints; the choices offered are vast, all you need to do is choose.