Do you always feel that your living room is not that perfect or something is off? Well here are some tips to get rid of that feeling. The first thing you want to do is clear the entryway or put something to make it look more welcoming like a large plant. Next is don’t place the furniture too close to each other make at least 3-foot clearance on each so you can move comfortably inside your living room.

Try not to put your sofa too push off in the wall, at least make a foot clearance between the wall and your sofa or other furniture to eliminate some dead space in the middle. Put rugs in every seat and make sure it melds with them perfectly and make sure it doesn’t misplace or you can use a carpet if you have the budget. Analyze the proper lighting and size of your lamp, avoid making it stand out for being too big or too small that it can’t be noticed and place it in the right place.