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You will find the Good Shepherd Convent in the Mines View Barangay. Its main entrance is along Gibraltar Road and it is within walking distance from the souvenir shops at Mines View Park.

Being located in the same general area, the convent is usually the next stop for most visitors coming from Mines View Park. For those riding on a vehicle, enter the convent's gate and take the driveway that leads up to the parking lot inside the compound. This is the center of the compound where you will usually find people waiting to be served by the salesclerks of a small store.

The store is popularly known for the different products made by the Good Shepherd nuns and visitors coming up to the city who are familiar with items sold in the store always make it a point buy something to take back home. Among the most sought items are fruit preserves, strawberry and ube jams, cashew and peanut brittle, and coco jam. Most of their products are also sold by different stalls in the Baguio Public Market and at various other outlets within the city. The money generated from the sale of their products is used for the different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd nuns and also for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent.

Within the compound are other buildings and facilities of the convent. Aside from being a convent, it is also a place where college and high school students from Catholic institutions spend their retreats. At one end of the parking lot is an observation deck where one gets to see the distant Cordillera mountains and a valley below which are similarly visible from the Mines View Park.

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The compound of the Good Shepherd Convent also has some gardens planted with assorted trees and colorful flowering plants. With the presence of the many pine trees in the compound, it is one place in Baguio where you get to smell the fresh pine-scented mountain air.