Remodeling the house is one of the best rewards that an owner can give himself. And why not, it’s a well-deserved reward! Adding unique features to the home to make it more special is never wrong! Residential renovation is a project that we all enjoy. However, when remodeling the house, we must add features that speak of efficiency and beauty.

Five design features to take into account when renovating the house

For your convenience, here are five features to consider when remodeling your home. These aspects focus on improving the aesthetic appeal of your home while improving functionality. Keep reading to integrate them better in your renovated home!

A Built-in Cabinetry

A comfortable and functional use, an integrated cabinet is the best way to add to the design of your home without sacrificing storage space. The built-in shelves are the best example of integrated cabinets. A wood finish is an excellent way to radiate a feeling of warmth. Juxtaposing the library with the entertainment unit is also a unique way to increase the charm of the built-in wardrobes. Consult Houston subcontractors to incorporate this aspect of home remodeling design.

Designer lighting

Well-designed and well-designed lighting fixtures can change the appeal of your home. That can make a big difference in the place. Lighting fixtures should have aesthetic qualities, as well as the ability to create the right atmosphere. However, do not overdo it and turn your house into an airport! Consult the contractor first and ask about lighting fixtures that they plan to reintroduce at home. You can make changes to the original plans to reflect the changes, but only after the consultation.

Ceiling details

The fifth wall, commonly called the roof, is the most underestimated and underused element of our homes. However, with a little thought and effort, you can add so much character, definition and interest to the ceiling. To add texture, you can search for a painting, wallpaper or contrasting patterns. This is relatively simple and can be easily incorporated by the contractor. You can also opt for subtle changes in the height of the ceiling. The abandoned roof in a particular space can help you add a definition, especially if you have an open floor plan. This type of change is observed mainly in renovated kitchens.

A gateway of Showstopper

You only have the opportunity to impress the visitors, and there is no better place to start than the entrance door. Oversized doors with a shiny paint or metallic finish look elegant and add style to the entire house. These make better impressions, however, adding architectural details to the door can contribute to its overall appeal. Avoid choosing dark colors for the door, as they tend to attract more heat, which can distort shape and intensity over time.

Remodeling awkward corners and nooks

When you think about your home, it is essential to consider it in all aspects, not just the critical living spaces. That includes warehouses, attics, cabinets and even the garage. We often omit these places, regardless of their importance, however, the optimal use of these spaces can change the appearance and attractiveness of your home. If you have a growing family, you can convert the attic into an extra room. Changing these small spaces in an efficient and usable space is smart.


So, consider these five design features and hire the best home improvement contractors in Houston to integrate them into your home. Turn your home into your home by adding smart and intelligent designs.