A stable subfloor is a key to durable and beautiful floors. Installing the right subfloor will prevent squeaking and keep your foundation stable. Here are some subfloor installation mistakes that you have to avoid:

  • Improper spacing. While installing your subfloor panels you should leave room for expansion. Not leaving enough space can affect the quality of the floor.
  • Not leaving the subfloor to dry. Subfloor panels need to be left to dry before installing the floor.
  • Improper nailing. This can affect the quality of the subfloor. If not done right, the nails might pop out and cause squeaking. You need to make sure that you are using high-quality nails that sink fully and should be spaced properly.
  • Ignoring glue. A combination of nails and glue is optimal to guarantee that your subfloor is stable. Make sure that the surfaces are free of dirt and are completely dry before applying glue.
  • Letting the glue dry. When the glue dries it loses some of its bonding properties and this could affect the process of installing subflooring. Every panel should be completely fastened before the glue is set to prevent issues in the long run. A professional workman is needed to make sure that the work is finished fast enough.
  • Using a sledgehammer on the edges. Most people will use a sledgehammer to bring a tongue and groove joint together although this process could damage the wood fibers. Moreover, it can lead to the improper spacing that will have to be fixed later.
  • Not checking the work. After you have installed your subfloor, you need to check it one last time. Check for squeaks and improper nailing to fix any issue before installing the floor.

Avoiding these mistakes can guarantee the stability and durability of your floor. A few basic installation practices can save you a lot of money and hassle.